Why Bitcoin Cash - SpreadBCH

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Why Bitcoin Cash - SpreadBCH

Why use ( BitcoinCash ) Bch and what are the benefits of using bch instead of BTC, ETH, or any other Cryptocurrency.

Why Bitcoin Cash Spreadbch

What is BCH:

BCH comes from BTC but When an Existing Blockchain splits into two BCH is born that day, Most people know BTC but they ignore bch because they think that BTC is the real deal. but the thing people don't know is that bch is the future, bch has the potential to make things bigger on the next level.

The key difference between BCH and some other crypto is the block size, Bitcoin cash has a history or record of less expensive transactions and faster transactions than any other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash is the peer to peer payment system between individuals, another way it is just like cash giving or receiving but in a digital form, the fees of any transaction are very low literally less than a penny and those people doing a transaction of bch on a daily basis know that how much fast it is.

Let's suppose doing a transaction through Bitcoin takes 3 - 7 transactions per second but on the other hand when using Bitcoin Cash it has the capacity and ability to process more or less than 200 transactions per second, so why use some other currency if Bch provides more benefits.

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Why Bitcoin Cash Spreadbch

Every Cryptocurrency claim to be perfect and amazing in some way but BCH shows the perfection in everything like the Fastest Transmission, Lowest Fees of less than a penny, Sending and receiving amount within a second from one corner of the world to another, best and most supportive community, etc.


While talking about Community, The BCH community members proudly say that they belong to a community full of BCH lovers and Supportive people, while on the other hand if we look at other crypto communities no one says that they belong to BTC, eth, ltc or any community, they just using the crypto because it is trending so why not only using it.

Our Goal:

The main purpose of SpreadBCH is to attract new users and tell them about the benefits and accuracy of bch and soon we will add a chat room here so people from all over the world can talk here like they do on social media.

They can ask about BCH like how to buy, how it works etc, and when the BCH community guides the new users they feel free to start using bitcoin cash and this is our main focus to spread BCH all over the world and make a stronger community.

Firstly we know some groups who use crypto on a daily basis but barely someone use bch, our first task is to show them the importance and value of bch and try to increase their interest in bch through a meeting.

If you like to read this post make sure to comment down below about your thoughts and tell us what you think of BCH and also please share the article on different social media platforms with your friends and family as an appropriation to us.


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