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Earn Money by blogging in 2024 - SpreadBCH

 Today there are a lot of blogging websites that make much more money than a government job person and also it doesn't take a lot of work to earn money.

Earn Money by blogging in 2024 SpreadBCH

Blogging/Website is successful in 2024 as many people know that people love to read articles and if they find their best interest in any online website then why they do not like it.

Nowadays people spend a lot of their time scrolling the internet reading articles and watching videos, in this way a person who is looking for something that matches his/her needs by find the best material for himself.

On the other side the person who is providing the content matches his/her need by delivering it to the best audience and in return they earn some money with the help of Google and the internet of course.

Earning money online is not hard, all you need to do is do some research and work for it until you make yourself a brand.

The Word Brand is not only used for just successful businesses but any work in which you work and it gives a good outcome is called a brand, such as if you start a blogging website and your work continues on your website and you gain a few hundred traffic through your website.

You can be seen as a brand as slowly people start to recognize you and show their interest in you and in time you will be successful.

Making a website in today's time is definitely not a big deal but the hard work is to make sure that you post articles on your website in this way once you start delivering content to your audience, Google automatically recognizes you and starts boosting your website.

If you just make a website and post 10 to 15 articles and hope that Google will rank your website on top of the search results, believe me, that is never gonna happen.

Only if you take care of your website and focus on the content as in good wording and meaningful wording so your audience understand that what you are saying is helpful in blogging.

The earning ways from a blog is to run advertisements, but getting AdSense approved on your website is a little hard, as Google only supports the website with quality content, don't feel sad as there are a lot of other advertising networks you can use on your website to generate revenue through advertisement.

the second way of making money through blogging is by affiliate commission as you have an Amazon affiliate account and you want to sell products online, so you just need to make articles related to that product and post them on your website.

when someone purchases the product through your link you can receive a commission from that purchase and it is also an easy method of making passive income through the blog.

just like other options, there are a lot of platforms you can select for working as an affiliate worker and start making money online.

For making a website there are also a lot of platforms but professionals use WordPress blogging if you are a new person in this field, you should try Blogger a newbie blogger is the easiest platform to learn more about it, and when you learn everything about blogging and set up your website.

You can easily transfer your blogger website to a WordPress website as it is an easy process but try to make a blog first on blogger so in this way you can see how things work in blogger and see the settings on blogger as in WordPress the settings looks difficult as the person who started on WordPress before any experience in blogger become confused.

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  3. Blogging is a good way to earn money from internet but you have to keep patient to continue this task.

  4. It is good to know. There's another way to earn money tru blogging.