Earn BCH on Memo Cash - Spreadbch

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Earn BCH on Memo Cash - Spreadbch

 Memo Cash is a Bitcoin Social network that allows anyone to post here and make some extra crypto by writing and posting.

Earn BCH on Memo Cash - Spreadbch

If you Already Know about Crypto and blockchain, then it's good but if you don't know about crypto make sure to read this article to know more and exactly to know that what this is and how this works.

How to use Memo Cash:

Memo cash is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin cash, first of all, you need to sign up here with your email, after signing up, you need to set your bch wallet address to receive or send tips.

Memo Cash provides its wallet address as well but if you want to make a new wallet address or import any of your old Bitcoin cash wallet address, you can do that as well.

After logging in and setting wallet, the first thing you need to do is make a post, The Post is like same as you do on Facebook Twitter, or any other social platform, say hello how are you or you can even type a big message as well.

Make sure to complete your post within 217 characters which seems like a small post but you need to type quality post so that inspires others and others like your post.

You can also follow other people on Memo Cash and also you can like their posts, Whenever someone likes your post you will receive some Bitcoin cash satoshis in your wallet which you can easily withdraw in your main wallet.

Here also you can send tips to others and same likely you can receive tips from others, but all in satoshis which you can withdraw any time, You can even deposit your own money if you want to tip someone which is an amazing thing in my opinion because it's like supporting others which is the main thing that matters in Bitcoin cash community.


Memo Cash is a community of people who use Bitcoin cash on a daily basis and the Bch community is the strongest community which is growing every day.

There are a lot of ways of making money from the internet in this era and a lot of people make a decent amount of money just by using phones so why not we all make money from the internet.

Here's in the previous article I describe how to earn more from playing games and complete surveys and offers on free cash which is a legit platform, You can read the article and join that as well because I shared only the legit platforms or ways of making money.

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You can join and use both platforms to earn some extra crypto online in your free time. which I think is a great start to earning join and start earning today.

Earn BCH on Memo Cash Spreadbch

Most people nowadays earn and withdraw in their crypto and Bitcoin cash is the currency whose transaction fees are less than a penny so you can send or receive money from anywhere without any big fees. on the other side if we compare BitcoinCash to Bitcoin the BTC fees are like $7 to $8 on a transaction of $30+ and all their fees are increasing according to the amount.

So that's the reason why you should use BCH instead of any other currency.

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If you like to read this post make sure to comment below about your thoughts and tell us what you think of BCH Also please share the article on different social media platforms with your friends and family as an appreciation to us.


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