Post Article on Read Cash and Earn BCH - Spreadbch

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Post Article on Read Cash and Earn BCH - Spreadbch

 Earn BitcoinCash is easier if you know about writing articles and how to make a post, Just write and publish the article and earn BCH.

Post Article on Read Cash and Earn BCH Spreadbch

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to make passive income through the internet but just a few can make a decent amount by working on the internet stuff and mostly people just waste their time searching for earning ways and also on scam platforms from where they can't even earn a single dollar but I always share legit and trusted platforms of making money.

If you read this article means you wanted to know about a real and legit platform from where you can earn money.

Read Cash:

Read Cash is a platform that works on a BitcoinCash System and here people just need to post an article about different topics such as cryptocurrency, food, your daily life, etc anything.

You can publish small posts such as a paragraph or two, but most people here are interested in real content, Make sure that the content you publish is not copy-pasted and your own content, and is written by you.

How This works:

Let's suppose you have a website or you are a person with a lot of knowledge, What you need to do is write an article about any topic you like, make sure to put some effort into your topic then post it on Read Cash with a picture.

Also, there are many communities here on Read Cash so if you like to add your Article related to that community you can also join the community and post your article in that community so more people can read your article.

After you have done your work, when people read your article they will send you a tip, like an amount in Bitcoin cash which you can further use to boost your article so it can reach more people or you can also tip someone as well in order to make new friends or you can just simply withdrawal the amount.

If you are interested in writing articles and spreading love in the BCH community, you should join this platform, as this is the best platform, and a lot of big investors here tipping much more money to others just by reading their content and spreading it.

Join: Read.Cash

Post Article on Read Cash and Earn BCH Spreadbch
Top Tippers in Read Cash

Make sure to set your Bitcoin cash address in the read cash platform so you can withdraw easily or you can generate your own address, anything you like to do is in your hands, but better is to download the app and set your bch address on read cash.

Same likely read cash If you wanted to earn some more BCH you can read the previous post where I describe how to earn a good amount of BCH by using memo cash

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Memo Cash and Read Cash are more likely the same but the difference is that in Read Cash you can post one or two paragraphs post and also a big lengthy article.

Also here is another post about how to earn crypto by using free cash where you can earn a lot more money just by playing games and completing offers and surveys.

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Most people still asking for our next update of a chat room so don't worry you all guys, the chat room will be added soon and all people can talk here in one place from all over the world.

Our main focus now is to spread BCH to our fellow communities and interact with more people and day by day the number of visitors here is increasing which is a good thing Also it takes a lot of effort to do this so kindly share the articles with your friends and thanks for supporting.

Bitcoin Cash community is a vast community and it has a huge number of followers all over the world Day by day it increases more and we can proudly say that it is a good thing and we all support this.

If you know someone who uses crypto on a daily basis make sure to at least introduce Bitcoin cash with them and tell them that bch is the fastest crypto and tell them that the fees of bch is less than a penny.

On the other hand, there are a lot of other currencies with a big fee amount like really big but in Bch, it is just less than a penny, which is a great thing Bch transactions are much faster than any other cryptocurrency, better try first and spread later.

If you like to read this post make sure to comment down below about your thoughts and tell us what you think of BCH and and also please share the article on different social media platforms with your friends and family as an appreciation to us.


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