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BCH.Games | Make BCH by Playing Games | - SpreadBCH

 Earning Crypto online in today's time is not very hard and if you are a crypto investor you can make a lot of money online from Casino.

Playing games is the easiest way of making money in today's era and a lot of people spend their time playing games to make money if you are a Bitcoin cash lover, then you need to know what platform is best to increase your income.

Bitcoin Cash is the fastest growing Crypto Currency nowadays and a lot of people want to adopt BCH as their main source of income or Crypto to use in their daily life routine, such as in many countries people even do their daily transactions through BCH.

Many Restaurants, shops, Stores, And a lot of brands accept Bitcoin Cash as their Payment Method and not just this. but many online stores/websites accept BCH as their payment method as well.

BCH Games Make BCH by Playing Games SpreadBCH

Today We're gonna talk about the platform known for its BitcoinCash Games, BCH Games is the platform where you can Play games and make easy money.

What you need to do is make an account, Make a deposit, start playing games, and withdraw your amount in bch whenever you want a withdrawal,

There's a lot of games here you can play:

Discussed Below.

BCH Games Target:

Target is the game same as limbo where you need to set a multiple like 2x 3x 24x 1000x or any multi you want to set and start your betting. the easy way to play limbo is just playing 2x which is like double your amount, ex: you set 2x multiple and your bet size is $100 or any amount you want to set such as $3 or $5 anything.

When you bet. you hit 2x means that you just double your money and what you need to do is now withdraw your profit.

another way of Play target is to set a multi like 50x and start auto bets and whenever your bet hits. stop that and you make an easy profit.

BCH Games Crash:

The crash is another game where you need to set a multi and bet your amount, Let's imagine you set 5.5x and your bet is $5, what you need to do is wait till the crash hits your set multi. 

after a few rounds of crashes, you surely make a good profit and then you will withdraw your deposit and enjoy your profit.

BCH Games Tower:

Tower is the most interesting game, in tower let's suppose you set your bet amount to $4 and you click on play, and now you have 4 tiles, 3 tiles with coins. and one with a skull, you need to click on the coin icon for profit and the best way of playing tower is to place a bet. click 2 tiles and withdraw your profit, 

BCH Games Roulette:

Roulette is a simple game in which you need to just set your bet size and set a color in which you gonna bet, There are three colors in roulette, red green and black, the multi on red and black is 2x and green the multi is 14x it's like a big profit so make sure to set the color and bet on it.

BCH Games mines:

The Mines is the same as the tower but with 25 boxes to pick and mines are easy of them all and in mines. you can make crazy amounts of profit just like you can even win $2000 plus with just a 3 to 4 cents bet, so it is amazing, and mostly people play mine in their free time.


BCH Games Hilo:

hilo is a card game and plays hilo only if you know about cards, in hilo 2 cards are showing in front of you when you click on a bet, you need to pick the right card, and if you pick the wrong card you will loose, so that's why its a little hard game for those who don't know about cards, or who doesn't have any knowledge about cards.

BCH Games Make BCH by Playing Games SpreadBCH

BCH Games Jackpot:

In the history of Casino, Jackpot is the first game introduced by BCH. Games and there's no other casino that provides you a jackpot game, in Jackpot you can play against other players, it's the First PVP ( Players vs. players) game where you can play with others. but only one who has a big winning chance,

Let's suppose 3 people bet on $3, $7, and $20, the person with a $20 bet has the highest chance to win, but it doesn't mean that those with low amounts never win. sometimes those who have a low percentage of winning can also win, but mostly if you have a big percentage of winning, you definitely win.

Benefits of Playing BCH Games:

The benefits of BCH are awesome as you not just spending your time and money here. but also you are becoming a part of bch community, as bch community is known for being a BCH family and they will take care of you the community here is awesome to guide you and support you in any situation.

Except this, BCH Games have a Rains/Tip feature where you can collect the rain amount and play and people do a lot of big amount rain here, 

BCH Games Make BCH by Playing Games SpreadBCH

Secondly, they have a giveaway system in which you can claim a free giveaway amount every 30 minutes 24/7 and the maximum amount of giveaways is 1bch.

Other than that, they have:

1. Rakeback

2. Loss Back

3. Level Rewards

4. Rains

5. Daily Wager bonus

and many more things..

Make sure to give it a try if you haven't tried it yet. and give feedback about what you think about BH games.

If you like to read this article, make sure to share it with your friends and family so if anyone is interested in playing games and doubling their income, they can try, and if they like. they can continue their journey,.

Ask anything in the comments section related to this.


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