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Is Star Clicks is a legit platform - SpreadBCH

 Star Clicks is no doubt an old platform and it gives earning which is an easy task by clicking on advertisement.

Star Clicks claims to be a legit platform which is a question mark on their claim as many people complaining about not receiving their earning from the website when they buy the premium plans.

On free plan you are able to watch few ads on daily basis which is not enough so they offer you to buy the premium plan which is not so high price but in this case people mostly buy their premium plan in $20 and $50 but after buying the premium plan the website apply few conditions on the user.

Such as you need to refer few of your friends in order to claim the earnings and also if they work on the platform you will get a low amount which is not enough to withdrawal.

In my opinion star click is one of the biggest scam so be aware and don't buy any plan from star clicks as it is end up as waste of your funds.

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Many people invest in different sites and mostly they get scammed after some time and they always regret on their decisions but in the platform discussed above is free and you don't have any money to invest in this.

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