Emma Stone in 'Poor Things' controversial scenes

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Emma Stone in 'Poor Things' controversial scenes

 Poor Things is a latest Hollywood Movie in which Emma Stone plays a big role along with the biggest actors of Hollywood.

Poor Things Movie 2024

In poor things reviews the audience gave a lot of reviews which are so controversial and strange as most of them even trending these days and most basically about the weight of Emma Stone.

Elle McAlpine defend the movie according to the reviews and says that they are very positive about this and prepare for a big stuff and also so much comfortable in this case as fans still criticize them.

Elle McAlpine also highlights that some scenes of the poor things are so easy to shoot compare to the other scenes which are so difficult and hard because the easy scenes were so movie friendly and good for the audience and she is sure that everyone should like this.

Emma stone says that the actual scenes pf The movie are so fine and clean but she doesn't understand that why people still criticize the scenes as in the movie it is so decent when people watch the movie.

Including with this emma and all other actors prepared themselves for the big moments of the movie as they are still positive and energetic for the positive reviews of the audience and also very excited.

In the poor things Emma stone plays the role of Bella Baxter and Mark Ruffalo which are most known as hulf from the marvels plays the role of Duncan and a lot of big actors are included in the movie.

There are a lot of movies are releasing each and everyday but all movies now a days are childish and makes no sense and the movies industry are only focus on the money they make but no one is focused on the the content they provide.

Such movies that are including LGBTQ shit etc are waste of time movies and also such movies are not even good as we thought so better not make such things for people who actually want to see some good stuff.

Latest Movies of 2024:

So far in 2024 there's few movies in upcoming dates which are actually good and worth watching the stuff but a lot of new stuff is just for time wasting as no one cares if some kid actor make a movie about a nerd who passed his school exam.

I means lol man what are they people doing these days except wasting people times.

I still remember the time when in between 2007 to 2014 when we watches the epic movies like on that time each movie has a amazing story to tell and also good lessons to teach to the next generations.

On that time each movie gives a positive kick and energy that we enjoy the whole movie and express the motto that what they are actually showing to the audience and make some sense, and gives their best of best scenes to entertain the people and they actually done their best to give people a good content.

My last saying on this article is that no matter what they are making you should express yourself and go watch other countries movies as well and in other cenimas the movies are actually still good and better than Hollywood.

Spanish vs English Movies:

Just like for example if you see a Spanish movie related to guy suffering from his job issues and same movie story of Hollywood, i believe that you gonna enjoy the Spanish movie more.

Just like this Chinese also doing a good work making the best movies and the graphics and VFX of Chinese films is like amazing and actually better than Hollywood and the fighting scenes of Chinese are amazing as i don't know if they actually fight or just for a movie scenes fakes fight but it gives you joy watching that stuff.

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