Bill Belichick leaving Patriots after 24 seasons, six titles

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Bill Belichick leaving Patriots after 24 seasons, six titles

 Bill Belichick decided to not continue with New England Patriots after the huge victory of 24 times and many good memories

Bill Belichick

The Point is that everyone looks happy as no one have any issue related to this topic and the other coaches are happy, the players looks happy and Bill Belichick is also cool with it and there's no conflict or disagreement between anyone.

Some people stays that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time and he should get the first prize for this and some saying that he is the best coach in the history of football which is also true that he the reason of a lot of victories.

Bill Belichick saying that he is always be a patriot and he always work for a good cause and his motto is to work hard no matter where he works and he is doing his best in any situation which is the best thing he says.

Is NFL Fake?

NFL is a sports in which 2 teams Play against each other and it is obvious that only one team can win a match against each other and both teams do their best to win a match for their selves and for their country so yes it a fair and true game but as long as we know how these things works bad people also here and they can easily fix any match for their own benefits.

The Matches between two teams is same as two teams fighting for their pride and respect and both the teams try to represent their country and try their best to win the game and in some cases players even try such harder and injured their selves which is kinda sad but its a game of perfection and also with a little luck.

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One more thing is that in his agreement with the patriot he also have 1 year left but he is leaving patriots one year early but he is giving his best wishes to the team and wish them best of luck for the next matches.

If Jerod Mayo works with the Patriots and in the result the team wins it will be an great achievement for the Patriots and everyone will be happy and the Patriots will hire him again according to the standard procedure of NFL.

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