Stephen Hawking abused minor girls - spreadBCH

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Stephen Hawking abused minor girls - spreadBCH

 The Jeffery Epstein files reveal the big names in the files like Stephen hawking and prince Andrew and many more about abusing minor girls on virgin island.

Jeffery Epstein claims that the most big celebrities who are well known in the different industries abused the Minor girls which is by fact a very big remark and claim by them and in this case many big people file a lawsuit against them in this situation.

Jeffery Epstein actually offered a reward to Maxwell in 2015 on the basis of if only there's a chance if she finds evidence against them.

One more thing is that in the previous history of Stephen hawking no one can claim that Hawkins ever abuse someone especially minor girls as this is some really serious accusations.

Even Stephen hawking travel to ST Thomas in 2006,  in a conference before this Jeffery Epstein situation.

There are even pictures they claim about Stephen hawking's to abuse minor and other stuff are available claims by them.

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